‘My Life Before Me’ – (2010)

This is a trailer for the documentary film project, ‘My Life Before Me’ . The film details the life of musician and Yoruba priest Carlos Lazaro Aldama Perez. Carlos’s life has been dedicated to his cultural music and religion. His story illustrates the idea that culture is a living thing; it is not limited by geographical borders, but exists within people and thrives on social exchange. His story explores how African traditions survived slavery and how they are now thriving two centuries later not only here in California, but all over the world. His life also highlights how nationalism in post-revolution Cuba brought a wider acceptance of African ancestry, and allowed for the emergence of Afro-Cuban pride, ultimately leading to a renaissance of African Diaspora religions

‘De Los Tamboleros Primeros

Yoruba de Cuba’

Carlos Aldama, 1997

In this clip Carlos begins by paying respect to his elders and teachers who came before him. The video was recorded in 1997 and features Carlos is playing the Iya, Chris ‘Flaco’ Walker on Itoltele and Ed Valencia on okonkolo. This clip is a short introduction to the video in which they play Oro Seco all the way to Eggun. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this video please contact Carlos directly. Contact information on the front page.

Regino Jiménez ,Carlos Aldama , Cris Walker RARE footage@bembe

Regino Jiménez and Carlos Aldama rare footage@bembe in Bolinas california joined by Cris Walker aka “Flaco”, Michael Pluznick, Wade Peterson (Arthur Hull student), Noah Mascofian (Stomp), Sean Areneda and others!

Bata by Carlos Aldama “Igbodu” (opening) for Afro Cuban Bembe

Bata by Carlos Aldama “Igbodu” (opening) for Afro Cuban Bembe

Carlos sings with Afrocuba de Matanzas @ private bembe In Oakland

Members of the legendary Cuban folkloric troupe, “Afrocuba De Mantnzas” play bata and chant at a private bembe In Oakland. Here they are joined by Carlos Aldama on vocals.e

Güiro for Ochun

‘Historia de un Ballet’

Dir. José Massip, 1962

This is a short scene form Jose Massip’s documentary, ‘Historia de un Ballet’. In this scene we witness a staged performance of a guiro for the orisha Ochun. Lázaro Ros the legendary akpwón is singing the lead vocal. Carlos is pictured seated in the middle playing the low conga drum with another drummer, Trinidad Torregrosa. Trinidad was one of the earliest and most important collaborators of Fernando Ortiz. He was also a founding member of CFN along with Carlos, Jesus Perez and Lazaro Ros.

Toque de batá

‘Historia de un Ballet’

Di. José Massip, 1962

This is a short scene form Jose Massip’s documentary, ‘Historia de un Ballet’. Andres Cruz is playing iya next to Jesús Pérez on itotele (then aged 47) and Carlos Aldama’s brother Alphonso Perez is playing okonkolo. The akpwón (singer) is Eugenio de la Rosa, regarded as one of the greatest singers of the “older generation” before Lazaro Ros, from the time of Pablo Roche.

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